Working in the Open

As the project deviates and matures further from its roots as “just another foodcoin yield farm”, I think it would be fantastic to start seeing more work being done in the open. In practical terms, this would include publishing more of the project’s sub-components on Github or similar, a la SushiSwap · GitHub . I realize that some of the project is already being published (mostly the UI.)

There are some obvious benefits to this, including:

  • Greater ability for skeptics and proponents alike to diff against Sushiswap for the purpose of auditing (versus comparing the smart contracts directly on etherscan)
  • Clearer insights into project progress by virtue of being able to see code being committed. If something like Github projects was used, clearer insights into the immediate roadmap and backlog of tasks.
  • More contributions to even core components from a more diverse set of individuals
  • Integrations could be more easily initiated by the maintainers of other dApps in the ecosystem

There are also some obvious downsides:

  • Malicious/scam forks being even easier to set up
  • Potential security flaws being identified before deployment (this is a GOOD thing mostly, and some of the downside could be mitigated by working in private before pushing to the public)

BaoMan’s response in discord: Discord