What information were you unable to find in the FAQ/Docs?

Which questions wasn’t found in the FAQ that should be there ?

Help us improve our FAQ for our growing community !

And if you have already the answer, that is a plus !!

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I think it would be helpful to have a page on how synth creation actually works. I know that the mechanism hasn’t been made, but especially since this is meant to be a very user-driven ecosystem I think it would help get people excited by letting them know how they can participate in the soon to be made synths.

I’m not sure if this page has been made yet either, but last I checked there wasn’t a page that clearly delineated soft synths vs. hard synths and what they were. I’ve been informed since then that soft synths are crypto indexes while hard synths would be like synths tracking the price of gold.

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The very first test of Bao's synths took place today in a testchain environment.

We're well on our way to being able to use $BAO and sushiswap LPs to make synth tokens!

— BaoMan (@thebaoman) May 5, 2021

since Baoman is already testing synths, we may be able to do that shortly, with the actual mechanisms that are likely to be used. Thanks for the suggestion.

An explainer for the difference between soft and hard synths was added in the last week or so already :)