What does Bao do with the LPs?

Maybe it’s darn obvious, but I still have not figured how do we “monetize” from the LPs we have. Do we re-collateralize, re-use the Sushi and Uni LPs for the pools?

Giving out BAO tokens are great for user like me, and I wonder how does the team generate revenue, apart maybe selling BAO tokens.

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The LP we collect from the farms is used to pay salaries, expenses, grants, bounties, etc. for the DAO. As we have a diversified treasury, we are less exposed than many projects who have only their governance token to account for everything.

We plan to have a treasury strategy to manage those LP in the future as well as treasury reports.

@Baowolf I don’t mean the withdrawal fees or deposit fees, but what actually is used on the LP that people deposit, such as Uniswap LP in the platform.

Those LP are not accessible by the team. The Master Farmer contract keeps secured the LP and only the wallet who deposited the funds to farm the governance token can withdraw it. This is meant to prevent any individuals to rugpull and that your funds are secured inside the contract.

Also, those LP still capture the swap fees of uniswap (0.3%)

OK that’s good to know. Thank you @Baowolf