Wait until March 1 to begin farming with LP tokens?

Hey I was wondering if I should wait until after march 1st to begin farming, though I am not planning to use Xdai until it is more stable. Would it make a difference if i started farming now or wait until after 3/1? Thanks!

I personally wouldn’t stake new coins at the current gas prices when we’re so close to xDai farming’s release. The ETH farms will however still exist after March 1, and will still be farming tokens, though at an extremely reduced rate from what it’s currently producing. I don’t think it’d be worth it, but the decision is ultimately up to you since it isn’t as if you’re forced to use xDai if you don’t wish to.


OK I have been following your advice exactly, and the gas fees were exactly the reason why I don’t want to stake & unstake any more than would be necessary. I am happy to use Xdai, especially since fees will be reduced, but I don’t want to lose my coins trying to move them across the Omnibridge before everything is stable and I can be sure my tokens won’t end up sacrificed to the (albeit noble) cause of helping BAO find its feet.

Thanks for your comment. I suppose I am going to HODL my BAO for now, and then begin farming via Xdai as soon as things look safe enough.

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