Unstaking tokens

I am trying to unstake a portion of my staked tokens. Now Sushiswap tells me that 1 bao/eth staked token is valued at just over 4 USD. I unstaked around 4 thousand tokens. Now by my math, that should be about 16K USD. I expect fees when I deal with the sites, but when I try to remove liquidity to make ETH and BAO separate, what should be 2k USD shows up as about 800 USD as what the payout will be.

Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong here? I recognize paying gas fees but I am very confused as to what I am doing wrong with my attempts at cashing out some of my ETH- It seems like it should be a few hundred dollars to do this, not over 50 percent of the staked value.


Hi Dirtymike

The best place to get help is on the discord server: Bao Finance

You will usually get a response in a few minutes, or at least a couple of hours.

We will need to take a look at your wallet address to see exactly what is going on.

Alternatively you can Dm me your wallet address on here and I will follow up