The Matic-xDai Bridge

Good morning!

I have been aware of Bao for awhile now but have been busy developing my assets on Matic main net via Polygon. Yesterday I became aware of a functioning Matic-xDai Bridge and gave it a shot. I knew Bao was operating on xDai and was the seed of interest in crossing the bridge in general.

I am happy to report the bridge worked flawlessly converting assets to xDai and crossing over within 2-5 minutes. MetaMask xDai support is seemless and BaoSwap and Farm are intuitively easy. Happy to have found a reliable access route via Matic-xDai. Ecosystem interoperability in full blossom. Eth—Matic—xDai. Loving life.

Just wanted to report the good news.


Thanks for this. I was looking to try Matic out (even loaded up on some of their coin) but didn’t want to do the ETH bridge at these prices. Since I already have stuff loaded onto xDai, I can try this out and test their network finally.

I want to bring more liquidity over to Baoswap but ETH fees are killer. I’d be glad to siphon some from Matic over to our side.