Strong, unified, distinctive BAO brand across all the chains

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launch the BSC Pandaswap franchise as early as late next week or the week after, and has the full details of the Pandaswap plans.

The Pandaswap factory contract

BambooMaker staking program

There is already PandaYield earning Bamboo: PandaYield

Strong, unified, distinctive BAO brand across all the chains 💪

BAO has strong brand.

Doing Yeti and Panda might be confusing.

I genuinely believe that in the era of “Cambrian Explosion” of crypto projects to have a STRONG BRAND is a competitive advantage.

We can use some design elements to make it more aligned with the chain culture

Binance. China. Panda. Panda-branded NFTs

Avax. Avalanche. Snow. Yeti-branded NFTs

Having an NFT gives you 5% boost

Having an NFT gives you less penalties when withdrawing early

Something with clever tokenomics to set up proper incentives, TBD.

Keep BAO brand consistent

That will help with recognition and avoid confusion.


Hi Mars

Doing Yeti and Panda might be confusing

Maybe for some initially. You could argue its a sign of weakness and damaging to the brand too, to let any copycats that frontrun our names/branding to just take it. Instead we can crush them and carry on as intended. It can act as a warning to others. We can see how others feel about it though.

We could take additional steps to avoid confusion too, like having “by Bao Finance” in the branding.

Doing Yeti and Panda might be confusing.

We are exploring the possibilities of using NFTs and how to best integrate them with BAO products. Personally I don’t think it makes sense to spend much time on NFTs until some of the more core products and features are live or launching. An NFT range that coincides with the launch of synths feels like the right kind of play to me as there is more of a benefit to BAO holders incentivizing synth use than giving bonuses to the already plentiful farming rewards.

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That is cool actually.

Making obvious there is strong backing and reputable brand behind it, not some unaudited anons.

Totally optional.

It was more of a suggestion to fit Panda / Yeti somewhere.

(definitely not a priority)

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These are good suggestions. The branding is actually what got me interested in the project. It’s quite memorable

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Memes shape our culture!

“meme driven development”


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100% Support!!! One Domain, One Logo,One Design, One Name and all Chains!

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This is a large enthusiastic community (not as much as Bao, but still somewhat). The ecosystems are similar and the token name is Bamboo. Several of the names clash with other projects but since it’s still early in development Baoman, you could consider revising them to be unique.

NFTs are a pretty cool way to stake/pool on both PandaYield and PancakeSwap. The non-fungibility and limited number of prints provide an opportunity for exclusive events to stake/pool them and they can always be swapped. Really, check out PandaYield and the Panda Temple and Forest.

Something like this:

That is totally optional.

If we want Panda / Yeti, then NFTs can have Panda / Yeti theme.

In general, most of the people in this thread are in favour of the CONSISTENT BRAND cc @Chickn 🙏

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Yea I agree that NFTs in BAO are totally optional. Bao is more aimed at synthetics if I’m not mistaken. But I think it’d be wise to continue incorporating yield in some way. I anticipate there being a high learning curve when it comes to earning yield with synthetics, so NFTs could cover the yield gap for the less intelligent :P

The same thing could be accomplished by incorporating pooling/staking BAO for interest.

See here: Draft Proposal Staking Rewards and Fee Burns | by BaoMan | Medium

We will definitely need to figure out the tokenomics of the unlocked $BAO (probably in a separate thread)

This one is about CONSISTENT BRAND :)