Simultaneous Launch of Hard and Soft Synthetics on Main-net release

As we approach our main-net product release I was thinking of plausible ways to further advance our burn rate/streaming fee accrual for BAO as a governance token without taking away any developmental effort from our team in terms of the products we already have experience launching and products we will launch on a given date very soon. For now the main ones’ to focus on in order of importance would be Hard synthetics just as we have been planning since the beginning, and secondly, main net soft synthetics.

  1. I propose we think about whether we want to release only hard synthetics, or both hard synthetics and soft synthetics on the new and improved main-net application/UI? (please provide your opinions and thoughts to this question below!)

  2. It is my opinion that launching both hard and soft synthetics at the same time would be ideal for our next main-net release for several reasons.

-Firstly, soft synthetics combined with the functionality we already plan to release with hard synthetics will immediately start contributing to improved tokenomics incentives for long term BAO investors (as well as the short term outlook for participation in our treasury + governance) that come from burning more BAO and accumulating more fees by having an excess of products on the initial release compared to only hard synthetics.

-Secondly, Having 2 different types of products already setup (hard + soft synths) when we release our end of year overhaul for main-net will show stronger sentiment on the future of BAO as a DAO and give us more momentum towards franchise updates + new synths, than if we were to only release hard synthetics individually (side note: this is also assuming if we only do hard synths initially on release that soft synth deployment on main-net would be more than 2-4 weeks later from hard synth release date). Building off my point about increased positive sentiment from a simultaneous main-net launch, we can leverage marketing techniques in increased volume/quality to attract liquidity more effectively if we have more to market as a community. Especially the community galaxy and non-technical BAO friends/contributors alike, can really start to pull weight for the DAO and attract the liquidity we need for this release to thrive given we will have fresh new products ready to be used by 100s of millions of dollars and hopefully more than that long term. The liquidity necessary to implement this addition on our already planned release is 100% available based in my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong)

-Thirdly, If we have both hard and soft synthetics upon the initial main-net release we can immediately vote to use our soft-synthetics to collateralize our hard synthetics which can also benefit our protocol in terms of capital efficiency and attract demand especially with respect to stable coins or in other words stable asset mechanisms.

Potential issues with this idea to think about:

From a technical standpoint this would add more work to the development team and possibly interfere with the speed/quality to which hard synthetics are finished which is a possible negative to think about (by my understanding this idea is still plausible with an on schedule release but correct me if I am wrong).

This idea depends on the requirements mostly in terms of time, associated to re-fitting pollyfinance’s nest contracts along with the backend and front-end additions onto the main-net UI to take on the additional nest products. I do not have a detailed view of how much more work this adds in terms of time to the pre main-net release to do list, but I am hopeful we can achieve such a goal.

Please everyone, provide opinions/thoughts and potential issues with this idea if I am missing something in this concept…thanks


I feel like it might be better to focus on one product at a time