Reduce Governance Time

This simple proposal aims to reduce the time concepts must take to reach voting.

The current requirement for a concept to reach voting is 21 days

  • Concepts must remain for 7 days and then be moved by staff after satisfying other requirements.

  • BIP must remain for 7 days and then be moved by staff to snapshot.

  • Votes must remain in the snapshot for 7 days.

To change that, I propose the following changes to the BIP process.

  • Reduce Concepts minimum to 3 days

  • Reduce BIPs minimum to 2 days

  • Keep voting periods the same at 7 days minimum.

This will reduce the overall time required for a proposal from 21 days to 12.

The reasoning behind reducing the time required for concepts is that they are required to meet criteria and format before moving onto BIPs, BIPs usually already meet requirements and do not have many changes to have made and will be within forums for a total of 5 days before moving onto voting. Reducing the time for voting to much is undesired as it gives less time for people to vote on an issue that being said, if a proposer wanted a vote to stay longer then 5 days they are allowed to request such.

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Good idea. There are a minimal amount of voting participants at this point anyway. An even shorter period of time might be acceptable just to facilitate some progress in the project.

I understand why this proposal is up and why @R11 think it could accelerate some progress on the project.

I’ve seen a few DAO to rush proposals and votes where over the course of a week, it passed without too much noises and where members were not aware of such vote happening.

With the bear market we are seeing, I like the fact that we let everyone plenty of time to read the proposals, even the members that do not come daily to our Discord or board.

For big proposals, we usually even let more than a week so everyone can comment and nobody feels pressured to vote on a final statement.

I would be for the status quo, but if something could be shortened IMO, it could be the BIP part which usually remain unchanged from the vote

Then perhaps concepts and bip reduced and we keep votes at a 7 day minimum?

My view is that the governance galaxy should usually be aware of the goings on with the community/discussions they are having about the future direction enough that 3 weeks should be plenty of time for the majority of governance decisions.

Multisig (or council of guardians as its now called) have the power to put a vote straight to snapshot if there is something time sensitive that needs addressing. In practice this has never happened, but we have seen “accelerated” governance proposals that make use of this power, by shortening the concept and BIP stages on the forum.

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Governance Galaxy is likely the ones who are to be moving BIPs and Concepts along through the forum, so I’m happy with the compromise of keeping the votes the same and lowering BIP time minimum.