Proposal to burn FTX tokens

I propose to put to the vote the complete burning of tokens that were held by FTX
It’s very controversial but necessary to survive. If we don’t, those 75% tokens will hang over BAO forever like a sword of Damocles. Without this radical movement, we will not develop properly and we will not gain the support of the new community, which will kill the project.
There is also a danger of obtaining and using these tokens to manipulate and influence our project by competitors in the future.

This extreme and radical action is also intended to send a clear signal to all CEX users how extreme and dangerous it is to keep tokens in such places.
As supporters of CEX and Free DeFi, let’s be the first to give a strong signal in the crypto environment.

Zero support and tolerance for CEX
To be or not to be.
We have a choice
Please support this idea.

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I appreciate you taking the time to make this concept, but I disagree.

Its 73% of circulating BAO not total BAO. Within less then a year the tokens they’d dump will be negligible. I’d suggest at the very least seeing its affect on Baov2 after the migration. Everyone has been removing their liquidity and we don’t need liquid for BAO to operate since we all have locked balances.

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Yes you are right it is 73%
This radical proposal is aimed at standing up CEX hard and making the users of these platforms painfully aware of the risk they take by entrusting them with tokens.
I know this is an extreme and shocking solution. However, we have the opportunity to be the first to start the necessary discussions on changing paradigms in crypto.
In addition, we will gain marketing publicity in the environment.
Without radical actions, crypto will never change and achieve proper decentralization.
I’m glad we’re having this discussion.
It is needed to educate indiscriminate CEX users.

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This seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to me. Kick them when they are down?
Can we even be certain these foolish “holders” of these BAO will ever see any of their funds again?

It is indeed eye opening that so many BAO were on FTX. Can you point us to where you learned this?

You defend the CEX system that wants to destroy us and to which we mean nothing.
You must have forgotten how FTX behaved a year ago by manipulating the BAO rate and destroying our project in the eyes of the community. I remember.
This discussion is to make everyone aware DEX DeFi can also defend itself and punish CEX.

I think the BAO holders caught up on FTX are going to be severely punished as it is. This is without BAO having to manipulate our coin. It seems you may believe two wrongs make right. I very much want to punish CEX, but they already did it to themselves. I would want to have mercy on the misguided people who keep BAO on CEX. We should not want to kick those people when they are down.

Today it was revealed that Bankman used inside information and manipulated the rate with his associates. In this way, he specifically destroyed projects such as BAO for his own benefit, which he had previously bought from the market and listed on the stock exchange together with his team. In such a situation, the defense of cheaters and manipulators is absurd to the square.

This is not technically possible to do, would be a legal nightmare and no guardians would support the idea of censoring participation in the DAO