Promote zfogg to a BAO Guardians

This proposal is to promote zfogg to a guardian role within the Product Engineering galaxy (formerly Front-End Galaxy).

zfogg is a member of this DAO for the first months and has been contributing actively since the beginning of September. He shined in the last weeks by spearheading many front-end developments for the migration to be effective, but also made significant contributions to test the distribution and prepare the deployment of the smart contracts. Lately, he is developing our next baoETH market.

The various GitHub commits in our repo in the last months speak by themselves!

With a 2023 roadmap full of promises, zfogg’s contagious passion will be sought to tackle the various items needed to polish our markets, bring new products to life and step into the uncharted lands of our long-term vision.

With this proposal, zfogg would be granted an hourly salary of 50$/h, aligned with other developers.

Per BIP-30, he would be awarded 791666 Bao token to be locked into veBAO for 4 years. This would increase every 6 months of active contribution.

Many guardians, including nox, Vital, and myself, also endorse this proposal.


hey thanks for the kind words! being a Bao guardian would be an honor, for sure.

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support this. He’s also really active in discord helping people


I as well endorse this proposal

100% deserved. @zfogg has been a rockstar since joining as a contributor.