OmniBridge up and running to move BAO to xDai?

I have all my BAO on my ledger. I got hung up trying to use the OmniBridge. This is supposed to allow you to take BAO on Ethereum and move it to xDai right? First I have to Unlock to set the spend-limit. I connected my ledger to meta mask, opened Ethereum app, made sure contract data was set to allow, added BAO contract to the OmniBridge. My BAO balance showed up and I clicked “MAX” and then UNLOCK. It sat there pending and I couldn’t find a transaction on etherscan for it. Finally I gave up and reconnect the ledger to metamask and saw that the transaction has failed and said:

Approve BAO spend limit FAILED - ERROR:Transaction found as “approved” during boot - possibly struck during signing."

So I figure the problem was metamask or whatever didn’t send the transaction to my Ledger so I could also approve it on the physical ledger device. Does anyone know what I am talking about, has experienced this, or know a solution? I am trying to get ready for March 1st staking on xDai but can’t even move my BAO. I am hesitant to keep trying b/c I’m eating the gas fees on the failures.

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I had the same problem, what fixed it from me was to uninstall metamask and reinstall , start over really, it been a 4 weeks and i have not had that issue anymore , Hope this helps


Thank you. this worked like a charm!

This was very helpful, had the same issue

I transfered the bao in my metamask wallet from mainnet to the xdai network using omnibridge. Etherscan says the transfer was sucessful but there is no boa in the mainnet or xdai network. Tried reloading metamask but still nothing. Not sure what to do. Its been almost 2 days. Any tips?

the address for BAO on xDai is

The xDAI Reference Info sheet will have all the addresses you need

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