Not receiving fees from Uni pool?

So from my understanding, what makes BAO unique is i dont loose exposure to the underlying asse(LP tokens) when i stake with BAO…

So i see that my liquidity is still on Uniswap after i stake my LP tokens with BAO, but i also notice that im no longer earning my portion of the fees from all the trades from the uniswap pool (my portion of the .03% trading fee)…so the last 20 days that ive had my Uniswap LP tokens staked with BAO, I lost out on all those fees? But in the BAO papers it says Users arent suppose to loose exposure to their LP rewards/fees? I was still exposed to the continued Impermanent Loss but BAO instead recieved all my LP fees? I can swear I read somewhere in the BAO.Finance “About” website that Users still retain all their LP fees, ect i beleive it said “Double-risk is turned into triple-benefit as users get LP fees, staking fees and asset exposure” in the Section named - Benefits of BAO-…
Can someone explain to me what im missing? I thought i was suppose to keep retaining my staking and LP fees from Uniswap…i lost out on tons of money Feb was a very high volume month for POLS and it seems BAO got all my .03% fees and my other rewards for being a LP on Uniswap…i thought BAO was different

If you aren’t receiving fees from your UNI pool, then that is probably a UNI issue, not a BAO issue.

Pool data won’t show on UNI if your LP tokens are staked. You can use tools like to see if your UNI pool fees are being accounted for, and further track information regarding your LP tokens while they’re staked.


Zapper also shows the pool :) Hope all is well Thanks for everything!

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