New Elastic bao Airdrop for a rebase token

im proposing a bao Airdrop. the new bao token from the airdrop would be rebased. it would be pegged to USD/Euro basket at 50/50 rate. if a Brics currency emerges, there would be a proposal for a vote for it to be added to the basket of currencies Another proposal to add the chinese yuan to the basket will be added later on after the basket gains tract and stabilize .the new token would be also pegged to an index of synthetics created on the bao protocol. when snx are rolled out on bao, im proposing to offer franchise just like we did on the swaps. the Top 10 largest volume snx franchises would be part of the index. bao snx would have a weight ratio of 50% while the other 10 snx franchises would make up the other 50%. by having the new bao airdrop token pegged to bao snx , we would be shielded from market systematic risk. The rebase would only apply to the new airdrop token going forward and not to the original bao token and would penalize people who arent voting.
the purpose of the airdrop to preserve the original bao their right to hold into the bao ecosytem As is today and doesnt force them to adapt the rebase approach.
the bao snx index is a new idea , that might help us set foot as the crypto synthetics market maker, forcing almost every snx project to be compete to be part of it but only the top 10 would make it. Also, incentivizing snx franchises to join the bao system
in the future any new injection or risky amendment would be tested on the new airdrop token first if needed.
Also, and in order to hedge from inflation, the new token would be pegged to Fed Money Supply (referred to as Fed Money Stock). Eventhough , its claimed that inflation is caused by velocity of money and not by money supply, this claim is just false. the ones close to the money benefit first but eventually the money end up in main street hands through different channels causing inflation. without getting too deep the velocity of money vs inflation correlation theory is as flawed as the CPI vs inflation theory.
so since the Baov2 token is pegged to the usd /euro in a 50/50 ratio. the euro bank money supply would be reflected on the euro side of the basket and same applies on the US side. giving it a better grasp on worldwide inflation vs to just narrowing it to one market.
Also, i want the new bao airdrop to have Dynamic Range Unlocking. as proposed by the baoman
I would love to hear ur suggestions to improve this proposal

I would like it if you summarized your proposal and the purpose of it, as right now the purpose seems unclear.

You want to make a bao stablecoin airdrop that is pegged to a price point average of USD/Euro?

Original(and current) bao holders already have the right to hold in the bao ecosystem, why would that need to be preserved?

And you want to peg it to the US fed money stock?