New community member training journey

I was thinking lately we could propose some kind of step by step journey or to do list for our new members to learn about BAO, DeFi, his franchises and everything they must know to ramp up fast.

Things for example like :

Step 1 : Read the doc
Step 2 : Read The medium posts
Step 3 : Watch X Video

This could help guide our members to contribute or participate in the DAO discussion faster ?

Thoughts ?


I would be willing to help with this and I think the easiest most efficient method would be to create a medium post which could then be linked to the docs/website. Not a long post only a few pages of compacted easy to follow guides and explanations of the bao ecosystem and general defi knowledge. It could have links to videos (finematics and some made by bao commuity) for people who want to learn more.


Pls check BAO Missions & Community Experience - #3 by baref00t

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I would love this. I think more people would get involved if they could get a better understanding of BAO first.