MetaMask mobile connection

Has anyone else had an issue with connecting MetaMask wallet on mobile browser, works usually with other wallets but not on bao, website


Enter metamask, then cjoose coingecko. Search bao and click metamask symbol. Bao will be added to your wallet.


I am having a problem connecting my metamask wallet to boa finance and honeyswap. Im on the xdai network and have boa and xdai in my wallet. Honeyswap says im not on the right etherium network but my metamask is on xdai. When I first set it up honey would connect with my wallet but not after I did a reset and loaded everything back. Havent yet connected with bao finance website. Ready to start farming.

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try Zapper Finance in Meta Mask it won’t hook to xDai just yet but it will hook to etherium. If you feel like something new the Alpha wallet in Apple App store has a few different nets pre programmed into it and hooks to the xDai system nicely

I’m having the same problem. On the xdai side, it doesn’t display my

But if I go to the swap site, it’s there. I had a small heart attack

For the xDai network, many users have had much more favorable results using the Alpha Wallet on mobile. I’m pretty sure it’s just a MetaMask fork that’s specifically configured and optimized for xDai.

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It seems like it’s now working, I thought that myself for a week. It just takes 10x longer than with other sites, but eventually wallet is connected.

I like that Alpha wallet it has some cool functions as well as a lot of chain connections plus simple to use

Hi !
From personal experience, I do not recommend using Metamask for mobile devices.
There are already many hacks and not even counting on the back doors that it leaves open

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