Menu page interface suggestions

Overall, very cool product ideas and branding. I’d like to see some filtering options to the menu page to make it more intuitive:

  1. Rows view, instead of just cards. Makes it easier to compare the offerings, as some of the names run a little long and are overly cute / in my way. Heartless people like myself will appreciate this

  2. Ability to sort by APY, Volume, Hide Inactive/Completed, and so on. I hit some dead ends and had trouble trying to find the most useful one

Thanks for reading this!


Hey YayBeer!
Thanks for your feedback. The site is definitely planned to have a UI/UX overhaul at some point. It will most likely after the launch of our main product, synthetic assets. We will keep these suggestions in mind. In the meantime, our community has many talented developers who have created their own unofficial tools that may be helpful for you. Here’s a few of them to try out! (Please use at your own discretion as these are not created by the Bao team):


Thanks that’s awesome!!!

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