Make a Marketing Plan and Strategy for the future of BAO

We know BAOMAN is not a big fan of MARKETING for some reason. But the way we see it is that is an important and essential element to make any project successful. Why is Sushi or Doge successful? Or any type of business? As you can see this is a topic is not well welcomed by him so It needs to be discuss. Instead of doing in my opinion CONTEST to have some budget to hire real professional graphic designers. It is vital. First impressions are everything. Any more ideas are welcome!


indeed I think we have to talk about it.
Without marketing (aggressive or not) a project has trouble finding a place. Some will say that if the product is good that is enough.
This is wrong, just see projects like Kishu which has no real function and yet has exploded (I make a lot of money whit ;-).
Or Solana and Cardano, which offers nothing and which is a fake decentralized blockchain. When you compare them to Polkadot. Well, We need some marketing like for all product in the market.

A good manner in my eyes but that will not be enough is the YouTuber Tyler of the channel Chico Crypto. He is for me the most respectable of all.
He has already spoken about our project so he could do it again. it’s just my personal opinion ;-)

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The only problem I see for marketing right now is that we dont have anything to market yet, I think if we begin working on it after we deploy our synthetics would be the best time to start. Honestly though, alot of ways I have found coins is by looking at twitter, issue with that though is that you have to try and tell the bot twitter influencers from the rest.

Yeah actually couldnt hurt, he already was interested in BAO before reaching out to him shouldnt be an issue.


We need to start making a list of the brainstorming:

  1. Strategy to attract new users.
  2. Educational website and by this i mean something more friendly that the bao docs.
  3. Graphic images
  4. Pro Videos
  5. Ad campaigns
  6. Youtube personalities (crypto chico as example)

Also the team needs to add on the tokenomics page that they have a proposal for the locked bao. Imagine the people who wants to invest now then one month later they find out that their tokens may be locked for more time and to be honest thats shady from the team.


This is a good start. I will start putting together the resources I can, then share them with you.

In regards to the sour taste towards marketing. I totally get it. Marketing is gross. It’s just a story told that appeals to others.

With that said, Baolover has some great points. I would like to add to that:

  1. I commend the lack of marketing focus up to this point.
  2. A lack of marketing, allows great participants to overlook this project, and provide liquidity elsewhere.
  3. A lack of marketing, allows for focus on the project, the underlying product.

With this, there’s a way to market without being a focal point or distraction to the dev team.

By not marketing at this point, I fear that we’re actually losing out on opportunity. While the TECH coming with Hard Synths, MAY allow us to stand-out in a sea of copycats. Bitcoin ‘TECH’, and Ethereum ‘TECH’ are not new. It’s the NETWORK, which is.

By ignoring the growth of BAO’s network, we’re only operating with half the cylinders.


I think it would be helpful to first define what we are marketing. I’m not sure putting effort into marketing the DAO, or simplifying the docs, makes sense. Those things are 1. complex and 2. already lots of governance tokens out there.

I’m much more focused on the product. nDEFI has utility, and is the one thing that makes the BAO ecosystem unique at this point. That is worth marketing.

An example… I’ve described nDEFI as “an ETF for DeFi”. For people who want to passively invest in DeFi AND automatically deploy some of the more complex yield generating strategies, it’s a great option.

I think we market that concept with some of the above strategies. A simple video explaining nDEFI in finance terms, youtube personalities, whitepapers, etc…


Ty, I agree. I do think Polly, has given us a clear direction to head in marketing. nDefi, it’s the product for me, that others need to know about.

In addition to that though, the DAO in itself has some marketable qualities that are very hard to find in this space.

  • Dedicated & Nimble Developers
  • Active (Though Small) Community
  • A Focus on Long Term Value
  • Ability to Pivot & Develop Cross Chain
  • 4 Successful Launches on 4 Different Networks

With that said, I’m all for the direction of focus on nDefi and Polly. It’s a product I can explain and onboard to my mom. She gets it. At least on the surface.


Almost forgot:

  • San Rugpulls & Exploits.
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I just think those things are table stakes for any successful DAO. You don’t win by educating more people on the dedication of developers or the ability to deploy cross-chain. You win because of your products and everything you mentioned should come through via the success of those products.


Overall you know I am against the idea of marketing at this time. But I am glad to see the community brainstorming.

I think there are a few important points to say here:

  1. I don’t think there should be marketing until the products are complete. It feels disingenuous to our values and that is why I have never promoted Bao to this point.

  2. Any marketing that does happen should be focused on the values of the product. Not Bao as a token, because that would just be price shilling which isn’t ok here.

  3. Bao’s protocols are not investment products, they are not designed to be. The incentive models are not set up that way, and they shouldn’t be presented to users that way.

  4. To address what someone said above, Polly is not an ETF and shouldn’t be called one. That has legal implications and it very specifically isn’t managed that way. ETFs automate trade rebalancing frequently for the purposes of investment. Polly is designed with its Nests to let you own bundles of tokens and easily manage their strategies from a unified interface. The rebalancing is done by community governance and it is not custodial. It’s purpose isn’t to make money off those tokens but for you to have simplified and unified management of them.

  5. The best ‘marketing’ is education people genuinely on the long term goals of Bao’s ecosystem while also being clear about the risks.

  6. Anything that makes claims that create legal risk for Bao or present it in a disingenuous way won’t progress through governance.

I look forward to seeing what the community comes up with but I do think you are in for a very hard vote because many of Bao’s most active DAO members understand the vision of not marketing until the product is ready.

I think the best thing many of you could do is read the AMA that I had in the Reflexer Finance discord today, where we talked about the product/ecosystem vision.

Taking time to understand things like that and help create documentation for the website that better communicate Bao’s vision and give details about how the products aim to achieve that is easily the biggest marketing benefit that could be had.

Educating people on the vision of Bao and our values is what brought in nearly all of our largest users and galaxy volunteers. That is a powerful thing.


As you can read the title is a plan and a plan takes time specially when developing the educational sections, graphics, videos or so for.

So when you guys have the final product for next year is ready to launch at the same time of you wish. We are not gonna proposed shilling at all.

Or at least start with some little hype and marketing about what is coming. We are still planning. And look as you can see marketing is a powerful tool we managed with the “negativity “ like your team claim to bring awareness. Also you need to put on your tokenomics page that may change. Asap cuz it looks shady.

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Thank You, what a great response! This creates a much clearer direction for us. I do want to leave with you something to think on.

The Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous buildings in the world. It started construction in 1883, in 2010 they finally reached 50% ‘Completion’, to this day it’s still not done. Can you imagine, if Gaudi had not seen the value in his work even while it was still in progress? It probably wouldn’t be around today.

Gaudi never went around promoting his work. His craft spoke for itself. No ads or youtube personalities involved :)


Different times ! If he was present today it will be bigger that any of the NFT artist out there.

Feel free to share it here or make a more pro proposal.

Haha, touche!

Although, notoriety was achieved through his work to two very wealthy and influential commissioners. Perhaps, it was the confidence gained through the likes of influential people, that led him to his best work.

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Yes, I will start forming things and share them here. Give me until Friday, but Ill have some resources ready for you.

I’m going to eat, sleep, and breathe BaoMan’s response. It’s our marketing plan, just in reverse. His points are all extremely valid, and if we don’t have a well-thought out approach that encompasses solutions to his concerns, then it’s a waste of time for everyone here.

So dissecting that, and formalizing a plan around it is what I’ll be working on.


No rush and thank you for helping in an important matter. And thank you for your time.

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This is in no way relevant to the discussion but I’m pushing back on point 4 because I thought it was a pretty harmless analogy. ETFs aren’t always passively managed nor automatically rebalanced.

Not sure how the statement “an ETF is to the stock market as nDEFI is to DeFi” is harmful in any way. Explain how nDEFI isn’t a vehicle to get exposure to multiple underlying assets without having to purchase each individually?

An ETF is a regulated security, where it manages end user funds for money.

Making sure users have clear expectations about what a product is or is not if important in terms of regulation and transparency with users.

That is a line we aren’t going to cross and so users expectations should be aware of that.