Lessons from Elipsis Launch

Hey guys,

We might want to look at the successful launch of Ellipsis Finance on BSC. They are an “approved” fork of curve on BSC…very analogous to the Bao Franchise model. The way they have setup their token mechanics is very interesting and might have some valuable lessons for us. The manner in which they penalize the short term speculators and reward the long term holders who choose to lock up their token is pretty well thought out. Short term speculators who choose not to lock up their tokens get only a very small yield. But the long term holders who choose to lock up their token for an extended period of time get a massive boost in their yield apr on their locking pool. Also the original Curve’s model for locking CRV tokens for future reward boost and increased reward fee has worked out very well for them. Yearn has taken this one more step with their yvecrv vault where you lock up your CRV token forever to get a steady stream of cashflow. Almost like an annuity. Something for us to consider as BAO also has highly inflationary token model similar to CRV.

Just spit balling some ideas here. Maybe locking up BAO could lead to future rewards boost and increased cash flows from the newly launched Bao Franchises in the future? Thoughts?


Happy to share my knowledge, been on EPS since day 3