Is safe or is it a scam?

I’ve seen that is about to launch and they announced an airdrop for $PNG holders on Avalanche network .

But I seem to recall that it was stated that no airdrop would happen for Yetiswap.

The token is different , YTS vs YTIS … so this all seems fishy to me.

Soooo, is it safe or not ?

TheBaoMan has stated this so I would be cautious unless you hear it from him. I believe the homepage will follow the same format as here and be a .finance but again wait until you hear from TheBaoMan.
It seems unlikely he would launch it without posting here first and before the 1st when we migrate.

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looks like a scam. the accounts first tweet was 6 days after the plan to make yetiswap was posted here.

The logo looks to be taken/stolen from here.


Yep indeed lot of red flag there . Thx ; )

We have no relation with this YetiSwap, so this is not a Bao product as they themselves also stated.
Please await BaoMan his announcement in regards to the deployment of YetiSwap (rebranded?) on the Avalance chain.

Have to say, I love when these places just use vectors they find online as their logos. I remember one used a vape juice’s mascot for their site.

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