How to get bao lp tokens

Where and how to get Bao Bao.xc LP tokens

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But join us on discord, there is a help channel where people will assist you if needed.

Thank you very much for help

That was useful. I was able to deposit Dai into my Metamask from my exchange, use a Dai → Xdai bridge to get some money for the fees, and the exchange from Bao to now lets me see my total on the xDai version of the website. Before it was blank. Wheh.

Now, when I click on “See the menu” and I want to participate in the first or third pool (bao.xdai or bao two ways) it says my balance is zero on both pages. I have about 500k tokens. What am I doing wrong?

Also ps. the Vote page on the top menu goes to a 404 for me

Join us on discord :) Bao Finance

Anyways make sure you provide liquidity here.
This is a two-step process, approve the pair and then add the coins to the liquidity pool.

After that go to and deposit the tokens you received for providing liquidity by looking up the correct farm.
This is a two-step process, approve the pair and then add the coins to the farm.

Alternatively try out (at your own risk, he has been approved by BaoMan to add PR’s to BaoSwap) a community member version.

Which is an all-in-one version.


ok cool thanks for the help. I submitted a small test transaction here.

the correct farm then is, the first one, yes? when I go to that it still says zero but I can send 2 more xdai.

I’m assuming I’m doing this too early and need to wait for bao from farming, and there’s nothing I can do with the bao I bought from uniswap but sell it?

Either Bao/xDai or Bao/, we don’t have a farm.
So you need to break up these tokens and create another pair.

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