How to cancel pending transaction on xdai?

i was trying to create LP using baoswap for bao and xdai but it got stuck on pending mode for past 1 day. i clicked on speed up button but still, no action. can anyone help me out? either cancel it out or make it thru?

xDai transactions only take about 30 seconds to transact. Please try the following steps, and if none of these work you can ask for further help on discord:

  1. Change ETH network then back and refresh the page
  2. Disable MetaMask plugin then re-enable, refresh the page
  3. Restart your browser
  4. In MetaMask go to Settings->Advanced->Reset Account

DO NOT uninstall Metamask unless you have a backup of your private key and / or seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

Thanks a lot! It worked perfectly.

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