Homepage does not have a single mention of XDAI - facelift before the synthetic launch?

Main website is here: https://www.bao.finance/

XDAI website is here: https://xdai.bao.finance/

XDAI pools are here: https://alpha.baoswap.xyz/

Docs (pretty good): Obtaining xDAI for gas fees - Bao Finance

From the homepage it is almost impossible to know what goes where…

Homepage literally does not have a single mention of XDAI


+1 … we really should have a xDai switcher there


100% support a UI update.
I would like the bao website to be the place where people can go to clearly access:

  • Baoswap
  • Farms
  • Omnibridge,etc?
  • Other?

It could definitely be more informative.
Right now I have to peruse discord channels to and gitbook to find everything.


A landing page is in progress, it has just been a lower priority.

A bootstrapped project cannot do all things, and we’ve always said that during alpha stages we will prioritize core product features over simplicity in UI/UX.


this is something i would expect the community to come in on. anyone could implement this for the bao project.


The opportunity cost of time.

I’m (unfortunately) addicted to moving candles, so difficult to find calm mind and focus on deep work… Anyone else in this boat during the 🐂🐂🐂 market?

My experience working with DAOs, team of volunteers: people always have something else, some other responsibilities.

That’s why the recommendation is to hire EXPERTS, PROFESSIONALS, SPECIALISTS.

The product needs to build trust, after all you are parking money here.

I’m definitely going to step up.

I’m heavily invested in the long-term success of BAO.

I would be extremely grateful if we could allocate some budget, I have experience running FIVE design competitions on 99designs:

I think I’ll need to better understand the vision of the completed product and see what is available out there.

I think I can definitely lead the website part.


We had some solid discussions on Discord: Discord

How to hire the best devs?

And “barrier of entry” as competitive advantage 😂