Harvesting Stopped for my stakes

Hi all my stakes have not been generating any Bao to harvest for the last few days - anyone know why?


Which network ETH or xDai ?

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XDai - I have two pools (1 with xDai and 1 with MATH) and neither are generating BAOcx

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Same issue here. Have 3 pools on XDai, none are showing ability to harvest for past few days.

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Hi, Baoman made an announcement on the discord server & on twitter about this

If you ever need information about the project or want to ask questions the best place to come is the discord server - we have an active and helpful community. Bao Finance

This forum is used for more long form conversation so you wont get as quick a response here.

This is a copy of the announcement made on the discord server:

Bao.cx has hit the farming limit of 1T in circulation between xDAI, meaning no new Bao.cx will be entering into circulation or diluting the marketcap. Bao on mainnet farms will still continue.

This happened about earlier than expected as the design has counted locked treasury as part of the circulating cap (which was unexpected) and the xDAI blocks were moving at a quicker rate than expected, but now means we’ll be shifting to alternative reward models for staking and starting to burn Bao as we launch more use cases and franchise.

The community will also have a new proposal put forward regarding a new franchise, and the launch of soft synths.

The community can also make proposals around alternative or increased rewards on xDAI, or migrating to a new version of the Bao.cx token with an increased cap to continue farming rewards.

cc @Stargazer @Enki @marlo182


Thanks Chickn, you are a star


How do you unstake when the farms are done?
I can’t find any links or my liquidity on my blockscout?

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xdai farming has hit a trillon cap, no more rewards, but you can convert your bao.cx to tbao. I suggest looking at the new honeycomb farms available now.

How about your escrowed bao? What is its roadmap for the future?

Your locked BAOcx will remained reserved in a contract for you until December when they will be unlocked. Before then, we’re looking to release Synthetic Assets to our platform, which will require users to burn Bao or Bao.cx in order to mint. You can learn more from our documentation.

Here’s a slightly out of date roadmap, as we are updating it to reference newer features we’ve added along the way and replaced YetiSwap with PandaSwap.

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