GraphLinq (GLQ) farm on pandaswap

First a quick rundown on what GLQ is (GraphLinq Protocol price, GLQ price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko)

GraphLinq (GLQ) is a graph-based IDE to broker data bijectively between blockchains & any arbitrary API. Namely, the GLQ IDE provides its users with drag-and-drop functional “blocks” that can be linked together much like nodes in a graph.

GLQ allows users to quickly deploy prototypes for popular AMMs & CEXes, while also allowing for arbitrary versatility & complexity through configuring access & formatting to any desired hosted API.

Their design methodology expands upon the IFTTT (if-this-then-that) paradigm popularized by protocols like PARSIQ while providing conveniences for traders (e.g. readily deployable limit orders & potentially arbitrarily complex trading strategies), for software engineers (as middleware / facilitating networking for complex projects), and for data scientists (see Orange for a similar design approach).(edited)

Got my friend to summarize it, he’s a programmer so he understands the technical aspects far better than I. But it’s designed to be easy to use by even non programmers. I think it has significant growth potential and giving a baofarm would allow pandaswap exclusive access to any BSC-based liquidity it can attract. I think being the sole liquidity provider(on bsc) to undervalued projects like this can be very beneficial. Additionally, the GLQ suite could potentially be used to facilitate arbitrage on the xdai chain. I think a partnership could turn out very well.

I’m not part of the GLQ team and haven’t reached out to them, but they recently partnered with an up and coming dex on matic-chain and will shortly have a farm set up there, so I think they will be open to it.