Governance Galaxy Proposal


Approve the establishment of a Governance Galaxy, its members, goals and budget, who will be tasked with providing direction for the rest of the DAO.


Concept - discussing the details before a proposal is made


If adopted this proposal seeks to:

  1. Create a new Governance galaxy
  2. Decide which members of the community should start as leader, guardians and contributors
  3. Agree the responsibilities covered by the governance galaxy
  4. Approve a monthly budget for the galaxy


Due to the increasing complexity of the Governance process, the Bao DAO was tasked with forming a formal Governance Galaxy as part of BIP-6: The annual agenda, who shall manage the governance process, support in its documentation and focus on engaging the community and other stakeholders in each proposal to increase involvement in governance.


Lead: Chickn
Guardians: Baowolf, fabiaz
Contributor: Jester, n0xmare, 0xc0le


  • Create and improve governance processes with a focus on decentralization and automation where possible

  • Assist the community to complete and create Improvement proposals that are complete, doable and cover all relevant areas.

  • Coordinate discussion between galaxies and the community to provide ensure balanced opinions are formed for each decision point the DAO has.

  • Each year, agree goals with the community, then create governance proposals for each milestone to agree the details of their implementation with the community. These goals should include any items the maintainer galaxy mandate in their annual agenda governance proposal.

  • Assist the community with creating improvement proposals and managing the governance process.

  • Break down each governance proposal into tasks and coordinate with other galaxies and the community to ensure their completion in a timely manner.

  • Ensure documentation represents the most up to date state of the DAO after each vote has completed

  • Encourage engagement from the community and other stakeholders in governance

  • Ensure that internal votes are done with the proper mechanism and safeguards

  • Trigger and document annual governance votes

  • Validate the quorum of each governance vote

  • Research and vote in other protocol votes on the behalf of the DAO when relevant and beneficial to Bao.

Monthly budget

The operating budget of the galaxy is expected to be minimal as much of the work will be from guardians who already have regular payments from the DAO.

The initial operating budget should be $2000 per month following the same rules as the other galaxy operating budget, meaning that the galaxy operating budget can accumulate up to three months of budget at any one time.

0.5 ETH will also be given to the Governance Galaxy as a one off grant to cover setup expenses/gas fees.

Coordinate is misspelled with an extra C, unsure of the Each year agree goals thing I’m not sure if that dips into maintainers responsibilities or if we should work alongside with the maintainer galaxy we would need to have discussion on that.

Monthly budget looks good as they most likely will not need to use Gas as much as the other galaxies or have as many expenses to cover.

I enjoy what we have for responsibilities other then what was mentioned before, and it seems people in the community agree we need people dedicated to managing and monitoring governance.

Generate and document annual governance votes*

as the other Galaxies* meaning that the Galaxy’s* three months of funds*

and create improvement proposals*

each vote has been completed*

of the Governance process* (or) of Governance processes*

Approve the recruiting of members and the establishment of, goals and a budget for a new Governance Galaxy, tasked with providing direction for the DAO.*

Each year, agree on annual goals with the community* milestone to agree on the details*

These are a number of suggested revisions for the concept, alongside capitalizing every instance of a name. ex: Contributor, Guardian, Governance Galaxy.