Gas cost wrong?

Greetings, is the gas cost really .16 eth to stake LP’s with BAO?
Am I doing something wrong?

Gas prices are variable depending on how congested the ethereum network is at the time. You can use sites like to give you an estimate of the current rates. Unfortunately ethereum prices have been rather high as of late, and that’s one of the reasons the team has deployed a new farm contract on the xDai chain, where fees cost less than $0.01 to stake.


@Madotsuki Thanks, I feel like the Main net is the place to be. Perhaps I’m wrong, time will tell.


Bao will still be on the ethereum mainnet and always be an option for anyone to use. Contracts deployed on other chains simply give users more choice, particularly if they wish to escape high gas fees. You have the flexibility to pick whichever network you feel most comfortable with.

Live in both brother. Alternate universes exist. Save yourself the gas. It really is worth the effort.

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I’m thinking cover both bases ; )

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That’s awesome!

Thank You : )