Easy V3 Staking

Hello BAO enthusiasts Just want to wish you all well during this exciting time in space. Any news on the easy stake button for V3 UNI?

Bao currently has no plans for staking UNI V3 in any pools.


Sorry, I am referring to this.

May 10

Bao’s first Robo feature for automation has been tested on a testnet and will be rolling out soon to the Ethereum mainnet. This feature will allow you to manage Uniswap v3 LP positions automatically. We expect it will be ready for mainnet within the next two weeks.

Ah, I gotcha now. Robo is delayed for further testing as the recent market activity has proven it may have difficulty managing positions under intense volume. We would rather ensure the product is as polished as possible before we launch live testing of it, so please be patient as it steams a little longer in the basket.

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