[BIP-41]Promote Haruxe to a guardian on a 50% time stream

This proposal outlines hiring developer Haruxe on a part-time contract (50% time) to take over front-end responsibilities as well as contribute to smart contract development for Bao Finance.

We hope to have this proposal passed in time to have Haruxe on a stream starting in November.

With Vital imminently winding down his role at Bao, We have an immediate need for new front-end leadership. Vital has found a role with a different project & while he will stay on as an advisor and help out when needed, we will no longer have him on a full time stream.

Haruxe has been engaged with the Bao community for over a year and recently expressed interest in taking on more responsibility. He is an experienced full-stack developer proficient in front-end frameworks like React as well as smart contract development in Solidity. His previous work and contributions to the project demonstrate strong technical abilities:

  • Developed and maintained his personal portfolio site showcasing front-end skills: https://haruxe.xyz/
  • Authored and audited solidity contracts for various projects
  • Created working protoypes for on chain governance for Bao
  • Actively participated in community technical discussions
  • He has specifically offered to take ownership of Bao’s front-end codebase and be the lead on continuing feature development and maintenance.

To fully leverage Haruxe’s skills, he proposes being contracted on a part-time (50% time) basis to:

  • Maintain and build new features for Bao’s front-end applications
  • Work closely with design contractors on UI/UX enhancements
  • Contribute to smart contract development as needed by the team
  • Participate in code reviews, testing, and documentation
  • Assist with recruiting other technical contributors

At approximately 50% time, the proposed compensation is $60k annually, streamed. This is in line with salaries at Bao. He will also become a be welcomed into a guardian role with 2m BAO max locked, giving him a vested interest in the future of Bao and a say in governance votes.

Hiring Haruxe allows Bao Finance to sustain progress on its front-end and smart contracts with an experienced developer already familiar with the protocol. His eagerness to take on more responsibility also demonstrates commitment to the long-term success of the project.