[BIP-4] Approve Fresh Pizza’s hire as a full-time solidity developer

This proposal is to grant our community member of the Quality assurance galaxy Fresh Pizza a salary from the treasury of $100K a year. This salary is aligned with the cryptocurrency job market. Previous discussions on the concept phase of this BIP can be seen here.

This proposal will appoint Fresh Pizza to a new “Smart contract galaxy” where he and Baoman will cooperate on the contracts being part of the Bao ecosystem. Baoman will still be an active member of the Maintainer galaxy.

Fresh Pizza demonstrated this summer his talents for Solidity and programming by having a custom basket proof of concept on Polygon and is a key contributor of the nests that came to life in our Polygon franchise.

Fresh Pizza will become available for a full time position in October and this proposal aims to start the grant at that moment.

As everyone knows, there is still a lot of development to be made in our soft and hard synth implementation and finding the right talents, especially engineers with solidity experience, are hard to find. We are proud to see a talent coming from our community willing to join the DAO full time.

This proposal has been built by Baowolf and Baoman. We strongly recommend that our DAO ensure the contribution of Fresh Pizza in the Bao ecosystem.


I fully support incorporating Fresh Pizza into this position, With Bao and Pizza we will never go hungry. I hope to see the same support shown when this is pushed into a vote for the community in snapshot.

Looking forward to having Fresh Pizza on board!

Great news, I’m totally for it!