[BIP-30] Guardian token vesting improvements

In the annual roadmap, it has been proposed that the development wallet vested tokens to be divided equally to reward properly the guardians who brought the protocol up to this point.

Originally, this section was written for a few reasons:

  1. Making things right for vested Bao voted for Chickn and Vital that weren’t given at all (also no specific amount was determined)
  2. Giving some share of the tokens dedicated for the development of the projects (It was the dev wallet share of the MasterFarmer contract) to those who brought this project here
  3. It’s really hard to attract and retain talents in this space. It was hard during the bull market, and it’s harder today as many talents flew from Web3. Top talents are still priced out, we can’t afford them and they usually work for major protocols. Giving those kinds of incentives helps also compensate for the salaries we offer.

Some community members challenged this point for good reasons.

Key challenges;

  • Same amount of tokens for original members, newer active members or ancient contributors, which doesn’t reflect time and effort given to the DAO
  • No incentives to stay and contribute longer for the DAO
  • No tokens left for new guardians
  • No specific model or template of vested tokens for new guardians
  • High impact of vested token at the beginning of the new distribution phase

As such, with the BAO held by the dev wallet in distribution phase #1, we estimate a guardian share of 4.75M of BAOV2. The Dev wallet had 6% of that phase emission, and we propose to give ⅙ of those tokens for every 6 months of seniority as a guardian.

Guardians were introduced in the second year of Bao. For those who were contributors before that time, the contribution date will be used instead of the guardian acceptance date.

Ratio Amount of BaoV2 Seniority
1% 791,666 0 - 6 months
1% 791,666 6 - 12 months
1% 791,667 12 - 18 months
1% 791,666 18 - 24 months
1% 791,666 24 - 30 months
1% 791,667 30- 36 months
1% 791,667 Every other 6 months

This table will also be the reference for future guardians to preserve equality and equity among them.

With this calculation in hand, the amount of BAO distributed to guardians would be as followed:

Guardian Guardian since (approx) End Date Number of tokens
Chickn 2021/01/01 - 3,166,667
Vital 2021/03/01 - 3,166,667
Baowolf 2021/02/01 - 3,166,667
Fabiaz 2021/03/01 - 3,166,667
Fresh Pizza 2021/09/09 2022/09/30 1,583,333
Vex 2021/08/01 2022/08/01 1,583,333
Nox 2022/06/01 - 1,583,333
Jester 2022/06/01 - 1,583,333