[BIP-29] Approve $2m baoUSD mint limit on markets and council of guardians control over future mint limit changes


Now that we are over 1 week from launch of gauge emissions, we have more of an idea of how many baoUSD will be minted, so the available supply to borrow can be adjusted accordingly, to 2m baoUSD for the time being.

Additionally, it is proposed that future mint limit changes will be managed by BAO’s council of guardians.


The borrow limit for baoUSD effects the amount of baoUSD that can be borrowed from Bao Markets. The interest rate borrowers pay is directly linked to the amount available to borrow. When baoUSD available to borrow is increased, the interest rate is decreased, incentivizing more borrowing. When baoUSD available to borrow is decreased, the interest rate increases, incentivizing positions to be closed.


  • Keep a tight peg for baoUSD by being able to act quickly when market conditions change
  • Maximise returns for veBAO holders by optimising interest rates paid by borrowers

Proposed Solution

The council of guardians, who are elected by the community and can be changed at any time via governance, will monitor market conditions and determine the optimum baoUSD borrow limit. Key areas to monitor will be the price of baoUSD, stableswap pool weightings.

When the price of baoUSD is above peg or the stableswap pool weightings are below 50%, the available baoUSD to mint may be increased.

When the price of baoUSD is below peg or stableswap pool weightings are above 50%, the available baoUSD to mint may be decreased.

This will be actioned by calling the setMarketBorrowCaps function on the comptroller: Comptroller | Address 0x61d25e9c65fb3bd2aa54e426b3044020dd339b8d | Etherscan

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