[BIP-18] Promote Baowolf to Maintainer Galaxy and Baomaster

Over this past year Baowolf has been responsible for leading many day to day operations of our DAO and helping to push our community forward.

The maintainer galaxy is given the tasks of keeping Bao secure, planning our roadmap and maintaining the DAO. While my skills are focused on the security and balance decisions I am not an expert in the operations but Baowolf is.

Our community owes much of its continued growth and energy to Baowolf and so I think it is time we formally recognize the position he has taken on, and let him add more new responsibilities.

This comes at a time of evolving for Bao as we have the first versions of our hard synths live with baoUSD and look to plan our next year forward. We’ve got exciting new developer ambitions that Nox and Vex have been thinking of, and a growing team of both guardians and baofriends making new contributions across multiple galaxies.

But we need new voices and ideas in every galaxy and so it is time for our maintainer galaxy to grow for the first time.

This proposal will:

  • Move Baowolf formally to the maintainer galaxy.
  • Move Baowolf to the rank of Baomaster in the Discord.
  • Adjust Baowolf’s DAO salary based on the approval of the treasury galaxy and budget committee.
  • Grant Baowolf the veto power of the maintainer galaxy.

I am proud of all the things that each galaxy has accomplished this year, and a large part of that is because of Baowolf. For this I am excited to see what we can achieve together as Baowolf’s role continues to grow and I look forward to working beside him as a maintainer.

**moved to gov proposals 31/07/2022 - chickn


Hear hear. Couldnt agree more!

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I think that this concept is important for the continued operation of the DAO

I agree 100% with this proposal!

Very much deserved. We are lucky to have found a Baowolf

I support this wholeheartedly. BaoWolf has been a pillar of the community for over a year now, and his contribution / leadership has led to many of the project’s milestones being hit.

Very much overdue.
Wolf is by far the best suited for that role atm.

100% in support of this. Baowolfs operations expertise has been a hugely positive influence so it makes sense to allow that to continue to grow.

Make. It. So.

If a Bao had Bones, Wolf would be the spine.

Will we be agreeing on the salary in this proposal? I don’t agree that we just set a precedent that the treasury galaxy out right decides this.

In the governance restructure it gave the treasury galaxy the ability to propose budget spending as long as:

  • Fell within the budget limits
  • Was approved by majority of council of guardians
  • Not blocked by any specific veto

Then it also needed votes on any spending above the limits.

This is not the treasury galaxy just deciding by themselves.

We also do not have salary guidelines for this role because I’m the other person in this rank and our last proposal was for me to not have a salary until Bao’s synthetic market had >$25M in borrows.

So it will need establishing in the regular budget proposal processes.

When talking about this I was primarily focusing on the part about Baowolfs salary change, If it is apart of the maintainer galaxies budget expenditure I suppose it doesn’t matter as Galaxies can spend it as it sees fit as long as it fits within the limits but if this is coming straight from the main Treasury I think it should be approved by the DAO like other Guardians.