[BIP-16] Promote nox to a guardian role

This proposal is to promote nox to a guardian role within the galaxies.

Like many of us, nox had been a member of this community for a long time. In the last months, he began to help the smart contract galaxy in different ways.

Nox proved himself in designing DeFi products such as the Delphi oracles and also worked hard on designing the future veBAO architecture as well as leading the token migration proposal

Nox’s talent is undeniable and we are glad to see him part of the galaxies.

With this proposal, nox would be granted a salary of 50$/hour reported on a timesheet as his contribution fluctuate currently.

Many guardians, including Vex, Fresh Pizza, Baoman, and Baowolf, also endorse this proposal.

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Nox contribution has been mostly to smart contract galaxy and as a solidity developer, needs to be paid accordingly to this specific skill sets.

I propose to change from the initial concept of 35$/h to 50$/h an hour to align with Fresh Pizza grant when full time and also according to the market research made (see below)

From cryptocurrencyjobs.co and market research :

Junior Intermediate Senior
CCJ Asia 100k 125k 150k
CCJ Global 100k 150k 200k
CCJ USA 80k 127.5k 180k
Market Research 100k 150k 200k-250k
BAO proposed scale 100k 175k 225k
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