Baoswap Alpha Testing

Dear Baomunnity!

I’m glad to invite you to test out the public alpha test of Baoswap and the Baoswap UI on the xDAI network.

You can find the Alpha at

The contracts for the BaoSwap system on xDAI can be found at:

  • 0x45DE240fbE2077dd3e711299538A09854FAE9c9b (Baoswap Factory)
  • 0x6093AeBAC87d62b1A5a4cEec91204e35020E38bE (Baoswap Router)

You can use the xDAI blockchain explorer to view those contracts:

Important notes:

  1. This is an unsupported ALPHA release of the UI. You should expect it to be unstable.
  2. The UI is hosted on its own system for testing, it is not a production server and may suffer from outages.
  3. You should only use Baoswap during the alpha stage if you are also comfortable interacting directly with the router contract.
  4. The Baoswap UI and Baoswap contracts are currently unsupported. We will be rolling out docs and support for them after the alpha stage. If you are user who needs support in connecting to xDAI, troubleshooting errors, or using these products then they are not for you during this stage.
  5. The system currently uses a public xDAI RPC node that can be quite slow. This will be resolved in production.
  6. Since these pools are not yet incentivized during the alpha it is likely there will be low volume and high slippage. You should not expect it to be a high trade frequency platform.
  7. There is currently no fee collection setter turned on. This is something the community/DAO will have to establish and vote on when ready. At the current time the standard trade fees will go fully to LP holders just like in Uniswap. The fees are also the exact same as in Uniswap.
  8. Because this is an alpha it is possible, although unlikely, that pool configuration errors could result in losses of assets. If you are testing, please only test with amounts you are comfortable losing.
  9. We do not yet have an analytics tool or system live for tracking trade volume.

The system runs on a fork of the Uniswap UI/Honeyswap UI with a modified Uniswap SDK.

The repo can be found in github under baofinance/baoswap-ui-source.

The smart contracts are direct forks of the Uniswap V2 build, the only changes are the unique hash string (which each router is required to generate from the factory deploy) and two helper functions used to order sort pairs and look up the hash string as reference.

Both those helper functions are public commands that do not write to the contract and do not get called internally. So there are no smart contract level changes that directly impact the initial Uniswap V2 code.

Contributing to Testing:

I’ve added a Baoswap section in our Discord and a Baoswap Alpha testing channel for you to make reports related to Baoswap including errors, typos and suggestions.

Remember this is not a spot for support as the alpha is currently unsupported.


This xDAI alpha is an unsupported ALPHA designed for technical users only. If you need to ask for support please wait until the official launch.

Right now there are no docs or guides or support. It is ONLY an alpha test for experienced technical users to help test the system.


Everyone get out the way, BaoMan is coming through! Thanks for all your hard work bro!