BAO Missions & Community Experience

With the first iteration of soft-synths just around the corner, I think it’s clear that BAO will benefit greatly from redesigning its user onboarding and overall community experience.

The ideas I’ve presented here are intended as inspiration for our own spin on Missions, quizzes and discord bots like Sesh and Vitruvian Bot.

I’d like to start working on this soon, so please chime in with your thoughts and any ideas you may have.

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Next steps to follow up would be:

  1. Find key points in BAO docs to populate quizzes
  2. Determine how POAPs, NFTs, and/or future ‘airdrops’ could benefit user growth for the protocol, and influence user behaviours.
  3. Brainstorm exercises/rituals to learn BAO hands-on with Polly Finance and Panda Finance
  4. Brainstorm/Draft visual assets
  5. Plan roll out dates
  6. Prepare and test relevant UI/UX areas
  7. Make it so
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I like the aspect to encourage users to learn BAO vision and BAO product. Not sure if there is a product out there or integration to Discord but incentivise users to complete excercises or quizzes and reward in $BAO (e.g. 1000 - 10k tokens) based on complexity. Instead of airdrops, that way you give away tokens in exchange of users learning bout BAO and its product.

If platform/dapp like that does not exist, perhaps a cool idea to create one 😉


Nice work here. I will help beta test if that is needed

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