BAO making swaps between chains!

Hi all, I have a new proposal.
I think it will help expand BAO as a project and increase BAO’s userbase exponentially.

Chain to chain transfers.

With BAO making swaps on multiple chains
PandaSwap (BSC)
BaoSwap (XDAI)
YetiSwap (AVAX)

It would be an amazing idea if BAO merged all of these into 1 Swap, under BaoSwap’s domain (giving BAO’s name and recognition a boost) and having an option to transfer coins from one chain to another, and also providing coin swaps on the same chain.

Example, you select XDAI → XDAI , BAO to USDT, so you’re swapping XDAI BAO for XDAI USDT,
BaoSwap can be the first major swap to also support cross chain transfers!

Example, BSC → XDAI, SXP TO SXP, you’ll transfer SXP on BSC to SXP on XDAI in one click, no hassle, no CEX needed, no bridges needed, just one click and it’ll do the work for you! You can also do BSC → XDAI, for SXP TO XDAI, so it’s not just 1 token exchange to a different bridge, but one chain, one chain, to another chain, another coin!

Simply, select a chain from, chain to, then coins for the to/from.

Support this also for SOL, FTM, DOT, THETA, all of them, we can soak up a lot of liquidity, and swaps/chain transfers can be a big product of BAO, and the Synthetic product will be the golden cherry on top!

Fees will all go back to BAO treasury/BAO holders! Benefitting all BAO holders.


This is a service that is in dire need but I think it’s very hard to implement. It’s going to be essentially like building bridges but also with swapping ability. So for a BSC-xdai swap there need to be two contracts, one on xdai and one on bsc, and the contracts need to talk to each other by some sort oracles. It’s not easy to implement at all. I am not sure if this is in the scope or mission of BAO, but it would be a very nice thing to have in defi in general.


100% on that.

Figuring out that PandaSwap and YetiSwap are the same entity?

I like strong brand 💪

About bridges:

I can totally imagine partnership / integration with one of these guys.

I think the developers are already spread too thin for complicated features like that.

Remember that having synths is the project goal. Having different swaps on chains further this goal by increasing liquidity for synths. Being a multichain bridge doesn’t.

I would rather have all resources be used for the original plans, not trying to be everything.


Yes we should let the devs drive the vision. They have done a great job so far.We as a community should back them up.

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yes I guess I would ask does this push back anything from the current timeline?

This is a brilliant idea as most bridges can be complicated and clunky. If you can pull of building a swap and bridge all in one that put us up there with Any Swap and Bao is way better branded then they are. Which means all the traffic would come to Bao and would add not only to the community as a whole but would add to the bottom line as well :) great idea and keep up the good work you guys are kicking a$$ 😉