BAO Finance - Treasury Update - ETH - stables

Comment to the recent article about farming efficiency: BAO Finance -Treasury Update. Written by 50, Treasury galaxy… | by Baowolf | Baommunity | Sep, 2022 | Medium

It may matter, it may be negligible, but I think it is definitely worth it mentioning it.

  • Stables - 6%
  • ETH - 6%
  • Stables-ETH LP - 10%

In other words, assuming exposure to both stables and ETH, then maybe pair it and provide liquidity?

This is Sushi, probably more on Uniswap V2 and V3, not sure about the range for concentrated liquidity though:

(of course can choose a different combination of stables)

Do you mean to take some of each stable and pair with eth as LP positions to collect swapping fees?

That would be massive if sushi LP are earning 12% per year, is that what the bottom cart is showing?

I think the main motivation for not providing liquidity is to avoid impermanent loss, but it’s a good method to evaluate. If I had gotten into ethereum much earlier, I would have little stashes of LP pairs all over the place lol

Thank you for providing this insight. It is worth analyzing this possible scenario. I will give it a thought for sure

Also worth noting - the yield in the Google Sheet is no longer up to date.

I’ve actually tried checking as it appeared really juicy - no longer the case.

37% and 13% on ETH are unheard of.

Thinking about easy system to keep track of APR% and rebalance from time to time. The best yields do not last long as everyone piles in… So would need to balance “time to act” VS “letting it run on autopilot”.

Well done for preserving war chest for bear market.

PS. I think that for Optimism Velodrome offers sensible APR%: Yield Farming Info

Might be worth looking into Sommelier as well. Pretty legit outfit with Zaki and Jack Zampolin leading the charge on this protocol.

They are subsidizing their “cellars” with yield from their own token atm and with a cap on the amount that can go into a cellar.

They got one sellar going now, with more to come. Its capped at 5 mill in total. and projected apr: 20.9% apy , and its for parking stables in the cellar.

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Any post FTX updates or insight on the BAO project or treasury ? Clearly there were a fair amount of BAO held on FTX exchange…

Our treasury doesn’t hold any BAO and didn’t hold any assets on FTX, so we are fine to operate the same.

We are suggesting to users to remove their lps to make the markets illiquid in case they wish to dump the BAO on the market.

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