Bao Finance lookalike on Avalanche called Baklava

Hi guys, I recently came across Baklava Space which I thought looks similar to Bao Finance.

Anyone heard / used them?

Also, I wonder if it’s similar to defrost finance, mentioned by @mars in another thread

You tagged me in this thread so I had a look.

Loads of concepts similar.

Emissions: Emissions - Baklava Space

Withdrawal fees: Fees - Baklava Space

Even though I’m a DEGEN APE I’m too worried about the rug.

I can wait 2-3 days to see what’s going on…

These numbers appear not realistic. 80m TVL right after lunch? No way…


$80k LOL.

Gotta wait a few days, for sure. Just found out about it and they are new

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Let’s see if they are legit…

Fwiw, very similar to Bao and their tvl has grown considerably, and interesting to have Litecoin people in the team.

$3m TVL and AMA with Pangolin:

Still no audits though.

Medical and legal only.

Still rug-pullish LOL.