Bao Ecosystem UX

Hello Baofam,

I think we could make improvements to the UX in a few ways. I’ve read that the plan is to overhaul the UX after the launch of synths, however I think it would advantageous to refine the UX first to minimise pain-points for the users.

Here are my observations:

  • Navigating between the different Bao chains can be a little cumbersome, and I wonder if it’s possible to navigate through the chains via the address? I noticed that Stake Dao have made this possible with their website since launching on Polygon and BSC. I’m unable to upload the screengrab example that I made, so I’ll just provide the link here for you to see for yourself: - just click on app and you’ll see the chain switching button top-left.

  • and are not linked - should they be? A nice green button up on the top right hand corner like the “Farms” button on Pandaswap works nicely for navigation shortcut. If the latter is a community built tool, I think it should be made standard and built into all of the Bao ecosystem interfaces as the design has excellent functionality.

  • Buttons that open new windows is kind of annoying. A few times I have ended up with 4+ tabs after exploring the interface, and this feels very cluttered. I can easily open a new tab myself by holding command if I need to. For this reason I think any navigation within the Bao ecosystem so stay within the same tab, where’s anything external like a button to “Buy Bao” that leads to FTX opens a new window.

In summary:

  1. Make ETH, XDAI, BSC and all chains switchable via the main address - one stop shop.

  2. Make the standard Swap/Pool/Farm interface for all chains

  3. Change Bao internal navigation buttons to not open new tabs. Only external links open a new tabs.

Keen to hear other opinions on these points.


Full support to that.

I was voicing similar concerns some time ago: Homepage does not have a single mention of XDAI - facelift before the synthetic launch?

I think my character got in the way of factual discussion 😇

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I was just checking if the homepage has been updated with ETH / xDAI / BSC switcher.

Screenshot from Today:

The next franchise (Matic) coming soon so maybe that is a good opportunity to enable the network switcher.

They’re planning to overhaul the Website and UX “at some point” , but ultimately Synths are coming first. I’d love it if we could clean things up first, but this is how it was voted and so, that is that.

I mentioned that I liked the Stake DAO website flow, but is even better. Something like that for BAO would be amazing.

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We have Vital as our front-end dev full time who’s working on redesigning the UI, but since we’re also rapidly developing new products he dedicated large portions of his time to creating front-ends for those as well. So we will definitely see a UI update, it’s just not as high priority as making interfaces for things like staking, new franchise pages, etc.

I will say from sting with the preview builds that there’s definitely significant progress made and I’m patiently awaiting it’s completion.


Every time I hear “not a priority” I interpret:

  • not the priority for the CEO
  • can be easily outsourced / Gitcoin-fy

Due to lack of clarity what will be released when, what is WIP, what is almost ready, it is more difficult for random dudes like me to submit PR on GitHub.

I like Sushi network switcher