Bao Chain or Bao Layer 2 Brainstorm

So really, Im posting this in Brainstorm because I want peoples thoughts and/or help on building a concept for making a Bao Layer 2 or maybe even Bao’s own network. So mainly because I wanted discussion surrounding this.

Reasons why I want this?

  • I think it’d be difficult for mainnet bao to compete with our franchises in minting synthetics

  • A new way of earning Bao by staking and hosting validator nodes

  • Having a Synthetics oriented network sounds awesome

  • Faster speeds and cheaper costs

  • Street Cred

Have no idea how to go about any of this I’m not very technical, or the pros and cons or how difficult it is so, feel free to say your piece, give some insight, say its bad or what you like about it or whatever you’d want from this or what you’d look forward to.


How much effort time does it take to build a secure layer 2?

There are teams that built their chains for years.

This is really a decision where to put our efforts and where do we have a value to bring. The L2 ecosystem is really diverse now and I think it would definitely be more efficient to use existing solutions than creating our own.

The idea is great, but I think we should focus on doing something great, instead of trying to build multiples legos on our own (chains, bridges, etc.)