Approve Vex hiring as a part-time developer

This proposal is to grant our community member of the Front-End Galaxy Vex a salary from the treasury of 30$ per hour.

Vex has been working closely with Vital in the last months on many projects and tasks and more importantly, he is now a core contributor of the release of our franchise on Polygon.

He started by creating a community tool useful for our community “BaoView” and gave a lot to this community without holding back. Nowaday, a lot of the visual aspects and UI interactions of the new franchise dApp have been achieved thanks to Vex’s contribution.

As Vex’s commitment will still be part time and can fluctuate from one month to another, timesheet will be managed by the head of the front-end galaxy and by the members managing the treasury (Baoman at first and the multisig committee afterward). There would not be any fixed amount of revenue per month and the salary would be calculated solely based on the effort provided to the DAO.

This proposal is endorsed by many galaxy members and of course by Vital. We strongly recommend that our DAO ensure the contribution of Vex in the Bao ecosystem. We are also proud to propose this hiring as Vex is coming from our community and is now a key team member.


Just want to reiterate how much help Vex has been during the development of the Polly UI. I strongly endorse this proposal.


A little side question, but is there a treasury overview (current balance, monthly in/out flows , etc). Reason I am asking is that 30 or 300 without knowing current position means nothing.

Overall, happy and supporting the concept proposal


The treasury is more than healthy enough to support a $30 an hour wage, which is an absolute steal for vex in my opinion.

Last time I looked there was around $1.5m in LP tokens from fees alone, which we hope will grow significantly once the polygon franchise is launched too.

Our goal is to have a multi year runway using only non BAO tokens, hiring Vex (and others down the line) will fit into that plan.


Definitely adding support as well for this. Ever since Vex first joined the community and began building tools I’ve been impressed with all he’s offered. Seeing him work together with Vital these past few months, I can also vouch that he’s been a huge help thus far. Vex officially joining the front-end galaxy under Vital is a no-brainer for me…