Approve Community Hiring

Given the amount of time community management takes me away from developing or working on the system high level, paying that much for a community manager would actually be saving us money in terms of effectiveness.

This past week alone there have been multiple community related issues that took me away from coding for entire days. That is with volunteer mods existing.


100% what SpaDe said - Though it is reassuring to some to see BoaMan active amongst the community sometimes, it is certainly below his paygrade and that time should be focused elsewhere, not baby sitting us delinquents.

I also believe in the spirit of DeFi geography is irrelevant with respect to pay - Value provided is all that matters.

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Community management is underrated and absolutely deserves the top tier market rate as an investment in project growth.


Sounds great. It will also enable you to spend more time on the actual product and away from the menial tasks. I say this as someone who manages social media accounts for a living.

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I am for this. Having someone who is full-time dedicated to helping in Discord as well as managing social media is crucial to the success of the project. Communication is everything! Our current Community Managers do a fantastic job as is, but having someone able to dedicate 8-10 hours a day would be great.


Noted. Still can we get a more full fledged plan from Baoman in regards to his needs for staff and the expenditures associated with this.

Given your earlier reply to another poster (i agree a DAO should not check up on what employes do) but however keep an eye on the expenses. Since we are talking multiple devs, community manager(s) ect.

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I would love to apply for this position. I have a background in education, been a community manager since early 2018 for multiple projects. I know the crypto space, I am an incredibly hard worker and I already love Bao!

My background in education means I am organized, do great reports and can handle fud/crisis situations professionally. I already have a group of professional and experience CMs I work with that would be ready to go right away for full coverage.

I know this might not be the place to apply but I like Bao a lot and want to get my name in here!

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BaoMan said they already have someone if approved.

To give some context, I am an engineer who runs an agency which means I rarely get to write code because i’m constantly dealing with people. Managing this community would and probably already has had a direct and meaningful impact on LOC released into the wild. It should be moved to a vote as soon as possible. I hope I speak for most of us when I say. Hire smart. Spend Responsibly and use quantifiable metrics because everything is an ROI here.

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I agree 100%, the thing that worries me is that there will be an additional $70-$85k selling pressure on BAO tokens every month due to the higher salary requirements… could we not simply give 50% in salary and rest in a locked up BAO only stake? this would surely keep the new addition community management team member focused on project success AND give them an investment into the future of BAO.

we could have a TEAM only BAO staking pool for salary offset staking.


We are talking here of a yearly salary of 85k and not monthly.

Beside being full-time, he will also lead and manage other person and have a greater impact on social media. That will give more time for BaoMan to bring to life his vision.


$85k is equivalent to $230/day. Nearly every transaction is more than that so it isn’t additional selling pressure.

If you don’t pay people a good rate you don’t get good people.


There is no doubt we need a PR/marketing rep. Go for it BaoMan. The salary is kinda low actually. However, you did mention some other compensation in the form of tokens. Give them a shot and the sooner the better.


Damn, I remember when startups meant you had to eat ramen for months.

I’d be more supportive of baonties and contract work at this stage. It’s important not to underestimate what the community is willing to do. The salary seems high, but not really if they’re a manager of future team members. Gotta default to Baoman’s experience here. I support.

We have a development budget for a reason. If it doesn’t get spent, BAO fails and we all lose.


I think it’s a good idea. I was wondering how were you able to respond to everyone on discord and work on the code at the same time. I approve

Thank you for stating this. I think this is the most important part that people often forget.

The treasury exists to be spent on growing the Bao ecosystem.

A lot of that will be through grants and Baonties, but some of it has to been the community voting to hire dedicated people who can really focus on certain operational aspects and help bring out the best in the community.


I’m fine with it as long as the experience is commensurate with the compensation.

The current community team is doing a good job, but as the discord exploded the last few weeks it is a very good idea to get a senior community manager installed before the xDai migration.

From there on getting some regional junior managers could be good as well, to have all timezones covered.

And as this secures more time of Baoman to go into actually development, you already keep the other devs away, I more than welcome this proposal.

experienced that a lot and agree 10000000000%