Approve Community Hiring

While we have wonderful part time volunteer community managers who have received grants for their support the Bao community has begun to quickly grow and needs more full time attention.

We want to hire a full time community manager who can take responsibilities off of the devs and help build a strong foundation for our community.

These would include things like:

  • Managing our discord
  • Creating documentation and guides
  • Updating our FAQs
  • Managing other community mods
  • Managing social media
  • Supporting users
  • Other non-technical tasks

This would be a senior role that would eventually grow to manage other not technical team members and operations.

I am proposing that we fund this role at $85,000/year taken from the community fund of the treasury, plus a one time discretionary grant of locked Bao equivalent to an equity bonus to be determined at a market rate. As the role grows in authority we would keep evaluating the pay grade.

I already have a potential candidate lined up for this role and implementing it would be subject to their acceptance of the terms.


Ideally a few people across the timezones :+1:


I think hiring a few more junior people makes sense after we get this senior person in as a lead community manager.


Sounds GREAT… multilingual would be beneficial… and mature mindset :)


85k + bonuses sounds like a lot, especially if there will also be junior members joining. That said if it means that devs can focus less on community management and more on the product, and we have the money in the treasury, then great.

That is not a lot to pay for qualified senior talent in this space. It is actually below the market rate for the kind of talent we would want to hire.

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85k is just right. The amount of work simply in that list to manage is a ton. 1 mananger and 2-3 juniors under with monthly reports (hopefully full transparency to community on what is being done and grown/adjusted) would be great. A roadmap and goals attached to each so we can keep track/accountability would be ideal as well.

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When will you start hiring for junior roles?

A roadmap and goals attached to each so we can keep track/accountability would be ideal as well.

This is where a lot of DAOs seem to get into trouble. They try and over micromanage everything and end up with too much red tape from people who aren’t experienced in running a business.

While the community should weigh in on spending from the treasury, I think it likely makes sense to leave job evaluation to the team. If the community feels that I don’t do a good job with evaluating job performance of our team then they can technically vote to replace me :P


Potentially a different pay grade:

  • Developer evangelist / Deep technical knowledge of the entire ecosystem
  • Content creation / Tutorials / Social media
  • Admin / Housekeeping / keeping Discord organized and kicking out bad actors

I like the idea a lot. Having someone focus on things that can help the devs develop the product. For the position I believe the pay is waaaay high.

$70k - $85k is the standard for experienced senior community management talent at tech startups.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for. I believe we should always aim to compensate the team at the higher end of the ranges and get the best people.

Were the treasury larger I would actually suggest that this salary should be higher. So it is only limited by budget.

For example at other projects like Sushiswap this type of roll would be 120k + bonuses for an individual with experience.


It’s a good idea! Can’t wait to see the project develop.

I think this is sort of needed actually. You can’t keep policing the discord and performing other trivial tasks that draw from the project when you are already very limited on time as it is according to what you have stated recently. I say go for it.

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I believe the price discussion also depends on where people are living - Not same cost of live between US and Vietnam for example.
Having said that I agree you pay for what to have and sometimes 1 motivated person can performed better than 2 or 3 people.
If you aleady have a person you know and you trust, it is key

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Great work as usual BaoMan!

I am personally against paying people less because of where they live.

If they do work that provides us with a certain amount of value, we pay them for that value. Where they live isn’t something that matters :)


Can we get a more full fledged plan from Baoman in regards to his needs for staff and the expenditures associated with this. Am not sure we need to pay 85k for a community manager at this early stage.

Then I will apply for the job and get my familly moving to Vietnam ;-)
Joke aside, I am aligned with your vision, but perception from team here about the salary will also depend on how much they are owning in their current job that often depend on country they are living. For me being in Europe, it looks like a honest salary to live with a familly. But maybe someone living in Peru will find it quite expensive

Good point you do get what you pay for.