Adding more Staked Tokens

Hi there, I have a question regarding my already staked tokens. I decided after staking to buy some more and add to the previous staked amount (I did boa/sushi) and the number of Boa that had accumulated for harvest suddenly locked and a new counter began on top of the locked Bao . Is this correct? I have attached a photo, I have no intention of harvesting till just before the migration but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a glitch and that I won’t loss the Bao that accumulated from my first add of tokens.

So to be clear:

  1. I staked 2992.129 Bao-Sushi SLP tokens
  2. I added more Bao-Sushi SLP tokens
  3. Accumulated harvestable Bao locked and a new counter restarted above it.

Your help would be great, I’m still getting comfortable with farming and really want to make sure this is normal and not an error.


Staking additional tokens, unstaking and harvesting locks 95% of your Bao and sends 5% to your wallet. So everything is working as intended, we have a discord channel where we could have clarified this as well.

All of this is stated on please take your time to go through the specifics and if you have any other questiona best is to reach out to the bao community on the discord channel.

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Thank you for clarifying Fabia, I wasn’t aware of the discord channel. I have read the document, but wanted to double check I was interpreting it correctly due to the fact I was adding to a preexisting amount.

Apologise if this the wrong place to ask the question.

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Just making you aware that there is community active on discord if you have any further questions 😊

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